Please enter your 2019 question for the cards

As part of your 2019 predictions you get to ask a question to the cards for the year ahead.

What can I ask?

Please think of one question for 2019, please keep it focused as the more specific your question then the more specific your reply will be.

Examples of good questions are:

  • Will "Sean" or "Mary" and I start dating in 2019
  • Should I continue dating "Sean" or "Mary"
  • Which of the following people would be best to date?
  • Does "Sean" or "Mary" have feelings for me?
  • Can you ask the cards for advice on how to meet somebody new in 2019
  • I would like to change job in the new year, can you ask the cards what I can do to find my dream job
  • Should I move home?
  • Is there any money on my cards in 2019?

Examples of bad questions are:

  • What is my future? - non specific question
  • Give me love advice? - who do you want to ask about or are you asking the cards if somebody new is coming up
  • What's my destiny? - non specific question that will not yield any results on a Tarot spread
  • General Reading? - No question specified and so will not yeid a good result from the cards